Actual colors may be slightly different from ones shown due to computer display variability or print media inks. All colors are made for our customers to the best of our ability to provide uniformity + compliance with coatings industry standards.


STOCK THERMO-SEAL® COLORS - MINIMUM ORDERS: 150 Gallons per color. Color White: 20 gallons minimum order. 

THERMO-SEAL® Infrared Heat-Reflective Paint finish is low Semi-gloss.  Flat finish available in 150 gallon increments only.

Note:  ECO-THERM® Elastomeric can be made in same colors.

ECO-THERM Minimum order is 150 Gallons per color. Color White: 20 gallon minimum.

SOLAR-REFLECTIVE VALUE (SRV) follows each color name. Higher SRV number = the more efficient the heat reflectance ~ as a percentage of direct sun radiation reflected away from finish painted surface, eg. SRV [.70] = 70% sun radiation ("albedo") reflected.

CUSTOM THERMO-SEAL® COLORS can be made and matched to most major brand colors. Where color matching is critical, a cured or brushed out color sample for matching is required. SRV optimized CUSTOM COLORS are made to order in a batch 150 gallons MINIMUM QUANTITY per colorsuitable for covering approximately 15,000 sq ft of surface in 2 coats.


ADDITIONAL COLORS for THERMO-SEAL® are also available.

For orders and all inquiries: 1-800-226-9180


Custom colors are available upon request. 




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