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As promised, I wanted to follow up with you on our own office buildings since their exteriors were repainted with THERMO-SEAL and ECO-THERM coatings. Within days of the completion, we noted a tremendous difference in the interior temperature of the buildings on our typically hot summer days. In particular, I noted that the surface temperature of the interior walls was cool to the touch, whereas prior to the new coatings, they were quite warm.

Similarly, after our Park Road apartment building was also painted with THERMO-SEAL, I noted that on hot days my own apartment was 10 degrees cooler, and the surface temperature of my interior walls was cool to the touch, even when the sun was hitting the exterior surface. We are very impressed with your product and want to thank you again for your service to us.


Property Manager

J&H Management

Private Residence

Mill Valley, CA

This house used to be very hot in the summer sun. After the ECO-THERM coating, it has a cozy feeling and even kind of insulated. Certainly, it has less of a swing in temperature inside and we do not use air-conditioning here. Thank you! It looks great after 7 years!


Ali G.
On-Site Property Manager | Mill Valley, CA

Sessions Rise Homeowner's Association

San Rafael,CA

The THERMO-SEAL cool roof paint has lasted well, looks great and the coating saved the roofs.

Property Mgr.
Hill and Company


Mansion Residence
El Paso, TX 


Huge 6,700 square-foot stucco home was cool coated by the owner with custom matched ECO-THERM Elastomeric in distinctive yellow color.

BEFORE: 124°

After: 91°

Private Residence

Valley City, OHIO

Our house was built in 1980 with Monier Tile that "lasts forever". Forever lasted 10 years max when it started to disintegrate. The call to Monier was short. Our tiles are not made for Ohio weather-click! It took a lot of time and money to finally find Ultimate Coatings and we finally had fantastic results. Our roofer was very impressed. He has used many competitor brands.  Ultimate Coatings far outranks the competitors products. Don't Move - IMPROVE and fall in love with your house all over again. Our sincerest thanks to Ultimate Coatings for your personal involvement in our dilemma. Thanks for the miracle transformation!!!!


 Diana J.

IHOP Restaurant
Irvine, CA

Roof Size: 10,000 sq ft.

Entire building envelope cooled down and made energy efficient with Ultimate Coatings! Iconic restaurant opposite John Wayne Airport had its very large, standing- seam, metal roof renewed and waterproofed with optimized, solar-reflective proprietary IHOP blue color in custom matched, ECO-THERM®  Elastomeric by Approved Applicator. This "dropped the roof temperature by over 60 degrees" and allowed customer seating on the upper level during 100 degree summer weather (per son-in-law of owner). Walls were cool coated with THERMO-SEAL® 1500 semi-gloss in our stock Byron Beige color.


Chestnut HOA

San Francisco, CA
Walls size: 74,000 sq ft

A top Green Coatings pick in report by the Journal of Architectural Coatings.


The THERMO-SEAL® waterproofing solar-reflective coating made by your company that was applied to our 18 stories tall building, at has provided everything promised. It has remained looking new for over 11 years on a highly exposed hill above the salty San Francisco bay. In terms of energy efficiency, it is hard to tell based on the varied weather we get here, but one thing is for certain, no moisture has gotten into our walls since the building was painted with THERMO-SEAL®. We look forward to many more serviceable years despite the rigors of the climate change and its range of weather, which include hot sun, cold with salt fog, and of course lots of strong winds that attack this building every day.

The introduction of your product to our building is thanked each day by the shareholders.

Property Manager

Salmon Creek Falls School
Environmental Center

Occidental, CA

Roof Size: 10,500 sq. ft.

A water-based, low VOC roof system was chosen to aid in the establishment of LEED points, but also to meet the demands inherent in the architecturally free-flowing roof design and need for a cool roof without color white.  Your ECO-THERM® Elastomeric top coating in solar reflective color Beige more than met our LEED credit requirements with 72% solar reflectance and became a beautiful and gorgeous finish for the roof, complementing the overall design. Thank you so much for your help and work with us toward our goal to be the first California Public K-8 School to obtain LEED Platinum Certification (2008) and also Green Building of America Award Winner(2009). (link: Read more about this project)

Project Director
Harmony Union School District 

Private Residence 

Novato, CA

"We are very pleased with the performance of the THERMO-SEAL coating done to our old tile roof 5 years ago. It still looks great and almost as if it is new. Thank you!"

~ C. D.

La Casa Real Association

Pleasanton, CA
Roof Size: 40,000 sq ft

Tile roof maintenance on 42 units. All the tiles were waterproofed and cool coated with THERMO-SEAL.


Private Residence

Tracy, CA

“We did both our tile roof and the walls with THERMO-SEAL. We painted the house in Spring 2011 with the first break in the weather. Looks awesome. My wife is as happy as a clam. We did notice around a 20% reduction in the PG&E bill last summer for cooling, which is the bulk of the bill. That's real money saved since it gets and stays hot here for months. House basically rinses down with a hose due to the nice finish and dirt washes right off, which will lengthen the life of the paint job and save having to pressure wash.”

~Michael G.

Apartment Building

Belmont Ave

Los Angeles, CA​

“Our top floor tenant happily reported immediately lower temperatures in their apartment upon completion of the paint job this past April. Since we have no AC in the building, this is a good thing and part of why we went with your THERMO-SEAL cool wall coating!”

~ Ed R. Property Manager




Apartment Building

7th Ave

Oakland, CA

Capsheet built-up "walking" roof restored with ECO-THERM  Elastomeric cool roof system in Light Grey.

Boca Ray Playa

Del Ray Beach, FL

Barrel and tile roof system renewed and cool coated with THERMO-SEAL. 

Private Residence

Valencia, CA

Transformed and cooled down with THERMO-SEAL.





Apartment Building

Pasadena, CA


ECO-THERM Elastomeric Cool Roof System in
Light Grey, applied over existing BUR roof with old aluminum paint in time to save and renew it for years to come.

Private Residence

Cupertino, CA​

ECO-THERM Elastomeric Cool-Roof System applied as renewal over existing torch-down roof giving a seamless modern look and cooler summer days inside the house.


Private Residence

Cave Creek, AZ
4000 sq ft

White ECO-THERM Elastomeric applied over prepared asphalt, capsheet mineral surface roof. Initial mid-day temperature, late Spring: 163 F. degrees Finished mid-day temp:105 F. degrees Net peak reduction 58 degrees and not yet summer!


Private Residence 
Walnut Creek, CA


THERMO-SEAL durability and cooling
achieved over old Weyerhaeuser siding.


Zep Solar Headquarters

San Rafael, CA


Their corner towers were redone into a cool, mid-tone brown with THERMO-SEAL and all horizontal tongue and groove siding made cooler and waterproofed with ECO-THERM Elastomeric.

Seminole County Education Support Center 
Sanford, FL

Roof Size: 20,000 sq ft


Old Concrete tile roofing renewed with
THERMO-SEAL maintenance coating system in color Russet Crowe.

Good Earth Natural Foods Market and Fairfax Center Plaza

Fairfax, CA

ECO-THERM Elastomeric waterproofing applied to renew cracked, lightweight stucco walls and THERMO-SEAL applied as dark brown (custom colors) on trim made the owners of this large, state-of-the-art, sustainably designed supermarket very happy.



 Canutillo, TX 

 Wall Size: 15,000 sq ft

Concrete walls and steel doors were repainted at this self storage facility into semi-gloss THERMO-SEAL cool paint in stock, Castlemaine beige color.

Shriner's Hospital
Los Angeles, CA

Drone's eye view of the main walking roof at the Shriner's Hospital on Geneva Street. Over 11,000 ft of built-up roof, were cool coated with ECO-THERM 2500 Elastomeric made in custom-batched Sand Dune color.


USS Monitor Museum
Newport News, VA

The 159 ft long, museum replica of the Civil War era battleship USS Monitor at the Newport News Ship Works, has been repainted with THERMO-SEAL 1500M in custom color, "cool black" semi-gloss. The original black paint had failed on the topsides and this repaint was so that school children and visitors do not burn their feet walking on it in hot springtime and summer weather. Even the cannon turret may be touched in hot sun! Project Engineer, Brandon Griffin, says the repaint reduced the surface temps "20 to 40 degrees depending upon the time of day."


Bahia Home Owners' Association
San Ramon, CA

It has been nine years since 56 of our Association's (fourplex) buildings were painted with the  Ultimate Coatings' product, THERMO-SEAL®, and thus far the paint has held up to its claims of durability and coolness. The paint still has its original sheen and the colors seem as vibrant as when it was first applied.  Other paints used in the past thirty-seven years began to fade a bit after three years and we always noticed a chalky residue in some areas. This paint still looks fresh.

Board of Directors


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