THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY® LLC is a closely held, private firm composed of industry experts in cool roof coatings and architectural paint technology with many decades of experience. Founded in 2005, the company developed its solar reflective, high-performance, acrylic THERMO-SEAL® paint, followed by a coating for cool roof renewal utilizing,  ECO-THERM®, that exceeded industry standards by its remaining clean, and therefore, cooler longer-term. These both exceeded early and new Green product regulations in multiple categories including LEED, CRRC, EPA, and SCAQMD. Today, we make our highly solar-reflective, "cool", architectural coatings as well as primers for bonding to almost any exterior surface substrate. We still build our finishes on a per batch, factory ground basis to our customers. We can make many custom colors, always optimized for IR reflectance, for specific needs of our large spectrum of customers ranging from commercial properties, HOAs and multi-family apartment buildings,  hospitals, hotels, schools, self-storage facilities, schools, distilleries, water storage, data hub protection, government, manufacturing facilities, military, and large private residences.  We are happy to meet the challenge of 21st century climate change and our customer's need for Return-On-Investment that is a triple-bottom-line win for both our customers, their clients and the environment.  And, we continue to have an ever-growing recognition that our service orientation is our primary product.


To give excellent service to our customers providing state-of-the-art, ecologically intelligent coating products for buildings and roofs which exceed environmental regulations and which support necessary sea-change within the painting and building contractor industries. As a result of these efforts, we give back a portion of profits to those in need within the Native American Indian reservations and their community.



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