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Mar 11, 2020


Reno, NV – The Ultimate Coatings Company LLC is pleased to announce it has entered into agreement to supply its third generation, cross-linking cool roof coating, ECO-THERM® Elastomeric, for Tennessee whiskey producer, Jack Daniel Distillery, Lynchburg TN for a second season to renew the roofs of its fermentation and aging buildings used to produce its world famous liquor.

Ultimate Coatings' ECO-TERM® Technology cooling capacity was determined to be the system to cool off the dark colored metal roofs on the structures as well as reduce the mold growth inherent on surfaces near alcohol production. An ongoing analysis of the benefits of cooling down the whiskey "rick" house buildings is under way. Our cool coatings with enhanced hydrophillic, dirt shedding and mold reduction are part of the proprietary chemistry benefits in Ultimate Coatings' product line for now for over 15 years.


A manufacturer Approved Applictor contractor has been selected to apply the coating system for the ongoing job.


Michael Biel 415-726-0551

June 14, 2018


Reno, NV – The Ultimate Coatings Company LLC has commenced supplying its ECO-THERM Elastomeric cool roof system to the East Bay Municipal Utility District for its multiple, hilltop water reservoir roof renwal projects. The agreement with EBMUD includes optimized heat-reflective formulas in both grey and cool Federal Specification green colors made to maximize keeping water temperatures cooler, reduce interior condensation and provide and local aesthetic appeasement.


EBMUD will utilize the known benefits provided by ECO-THERM for commercial roofing in its tests to commence in 2019 regarding cool roof coating inflences on water quality and on the water storage building structures.  Multiple reservoirs throughout Contra Costa County will be addressed.




Michael Biel 415-726-0551

May 29, 2016



Reno, NV – The Ultimate Coatings Company LLC has entered into agreement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL - Berkeley, CA) to be a partner/participant in the first of its kind, national cool wall coatings study. The study is aimed at creating scientific vetting for multiple exterior, cool wall paints and cool wall finishing materials in a 5 year benchmarked testing regimen conducted under the auspices of the lab.

Comprehensive analysis of cool wall paint and coating technologies set up in three US cities, Miami, Phoenix and Cleveland will be studied for their abilities to lessen sun’s heat on architectural surfaces by their capacity to reflect sunlight radiation (albeo) and maintain lower heat absorption.

Ultimate Coatings premium THERMO-SEAL® cool wall paint is being tested along with major paints and roof coatings makers Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Firestone, and Saint Gobain. Additionally, the company is assisting in the decision making process regarding public education and practical tools to be developed at LBNL for the purposed of making these innovative cooling technologies most utilizable by the public.

Findings of the LBNL study will elucidate and innovate new methods for reducing buildings’ and urban Heat Island Effect in cities due to sun-light heat gain and its re-radiation in its findings to be made public commencing in 2018.


Michael Biel 415-726-0551
VP of Sales and Marketing

                                                                                    July 7, 2015


Newport News, VA -  The Ultimate Coatings Company LLC has completed requirements of specification for it cool coating THERMO-SEAL® to be utilized to repaint the historic museum replica of the USS Monitor Civil War era ironclad battleship in a collaboration with the Newport News Ship Works.  The deal was confirmed after preliminary test comparisons between standard exterior marine gloss paints in the color black were compared to test samples in Ultimate Coatings heat -reflective, metal paint system in various trial black colors. "This paint was built, as are all of our finish paints and coatings, using our specialized, IR heat-reflective pigments in our premium DTM metal-oriented formula, THERMO-SEAL® 1500M.", said Michael Biel, VP of Sales.  "The original, old black paint of the museum ship model was extremely heat absorbing in later Spring and Summer resulting in an unwalkable deck surface and premature paint failure," said Brandon Griffin, Director of the Maintenance Project Group. The ship is expected to be sandblasted to bare metal, fully prepared, primed and painted with the new "cool" black by end off this year. 


June 11, 2008

ECO-THERM® Colored Cool Roof Coating Used To Help CA School Achieve LEED Platinum Certification

The Ultimate Coatings Company (Reno, NV) is proud to announce ECO-THERM® 2500 Elastomeric, its third generation low slope, cool roof topcoat in solar-reflective, color Beige has been used to help the Salmon Creek Falls School Environmental Center (Occidental, CA), become the first LEED Platinum Certified public school building in California. ECO-THERM®, a CRRC® listed cool roof coating, held a key place in helping the Harmony School District achieve the top LEED standard, especially because it could also be made in highly solar reflective colors other than white and still meet initial rating of over 70 % or better Total Solar Reflectance (.70 TSR). ECO-THERM® in color Beige tests at 72% TSR, with ultra-low 50 g/L.VOC. For the school, both the solar reflectance, color, and low-VOC rating of the cool coating provided the Center with three LEED Credit points.

Persinger Architects (Sebastopol) made the analysis of the cool roof product system and assured the Salmon Creek Falls Environmental Center's Project Director, Victoria Johnston, that it had the ability to meet the School's requirements. The ability of ECO-THERM® to help meet their goals and to provide a durabible, high tensile, highly solar-reflective coating over the fluid applied, asphaltic Wetsuit® system helped to seal the deal. ECO-THERM® meets LEED Credit, Energy Star®, and regional utilities cool roof rebate requirements.


ECO-THERM® 2500 Elastomeric is made with 100% top acrylic with intrinsic, infrared reflective, mixed-metal oxide pigment technology used for its high solar reflectivity. It is suitable for many cool roof topcoat applications upon curved and metal roofs. ECO-THERM® will be especially useful for roofs that are visible from other dwellings where color white would reflect too much glare at surrounding buildings.



May 2, 2008 

The Ultimate Coatings Company announces ECO-THERM® 2500 Elastomeric,  its energy efficient, flat/low slope “cool roof” coating, is now CRRC listed and available in solar-reflective Grey and Beige. These two colors  exceed the 70 % Total Solar Reflectance standard (.70 TSR) and meet LEED Credit and regional cool roof rebate requirements. Aged roof data shows that ECO-THERM® 2500 Elastomeric coating changed only 3% in efficiency (CRRC 3-yr) in color White. The high-tensile ECO-THERM® 2500 Elastomeric utilizes 100% top acrylic with infrared reflective, MMO pigment technology for its high energy efficiency. It is suitable for many flat and low slope, cool roof topcoat applications most especially where roofs are visible from above by neighboring dwellings since they will not reflect with as much glare as the color white.  Availability of these high performance colors will also be advantageous where roofs are visible from the street level and allows greater flexibility in environmental construction design.

For more information Contact:  1-800-226-9180

June 25, 2005

CRRC Notification of ECO-THERM Product Rating

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), an ISO 17065 accredited organization, has reviewed the test results data provided by a CRRC-approved ISO 17025 testing laboratory and has determined this roofing product meets the requirements described in the ANSI/CRRC S100 Standard and the CRRC-1 Program Manual.

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