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THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY  makes and distributes its highly solar-reflective paints THERMO-SEAL®, and flexible, ECO-THERM® Elastomeric, to help you save money as they keep buildings cooler and weatherproof. Concrete, stucco, metal, wood, cement panel wall, as well as most aged roof types (tile, low-slope asphaltic, metal, membrane, BUR, tar, coated, ) can all be cool coated and renewed with these tough, heat-reflective products originally designed as cool roof coatings. THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY's IR reflective paints and coatings (IR reflective = infrared reflective = solar-reflective) are roof-top engineered, one and all designed to cool down the building envelope (both walls and roofs) by reducing surface temperature in direct sunlight. They reduce cooling costs by reducing air-conditioning electricity usage coupled with longer-term durability and waterproofing capabilities. They exceed building codes for commercial and residential buildings. Both THERMO-SEAL®, and ECO-THERM® utilize a class of specialized, low-toxic, IR reflective pigments not used in standard paints compounded with the highest quality acrylics to form super-adhering, stronger film surfaces that result in cleanable, cooler walls and roofs. 

Due to their high solar-reflectance and high thermal emissivity,  THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY's topcoat paints and coatings bounce the sun's radiation off the walls and roofs of buildings and do not store it in surfaces coated with them unlike regularly tinted paints. As a result, they reduce the need for air-conditioning and will make non-conditioned buildings significantly more comfortable. Property owners, property managers, corporate and municipal engineers, specifiers and architects use our products to provide further enhanced ROI (return-on-investment) through extended repaint/ maintenance recoat cycles and tax advantages. Depending upon the colors chosen, exterior wall and roof temperatures will be reduced as much as 15 to 50 F. degrees.

In consistently hot El Paso,TX, stucco house walls cool coated with ECO-THERM® produced at least a 33 degree exterior wall temperature reduction in direct sun in early summer. But it is not necessary to be in Texas in order to take advantage of multiple benefits  vs. regular paints for your buildings, facilities and properties.


124 degrees Before     91 degrees After

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THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY is proud to be included in the National Cool Walls Study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (learn more...)




For larger family homes, HOA and multi-family residences, schools, apartment buildings, 

commercial and municipal buildings. In order to benefit from our heat-reflective chemistry and extended lifecycle durability, our exterior cool paints and cool coating for walls systems are the same toughness of our cool roof topcoats. Roof top, full time sun exposure engineered performance now is optimized for all types of exterior building walls and materials. Usefulness not limited to properties in the hottest locations nor only ones which have air-conditioning. Can dramatically enhance quality of life for occupants of buildings with no insulation and high sun exposures by cooling them down in sunlight while decreasing building paint maintenance cycles.

THERMO-SEAL® 1000/1500/1500M

Originally developed and tested over 40 years ago for the scorching Outback and humid Queensland areas of Australia for metal and concrete roofs. It is both an ultra durable exterior wall paint & an ultra-durable tile roof maintenance paint system.
For Exterior Walls and Steep-Slope Roofs:

  • Highly Solar Reflective + Thermal Emissive utilizing IR reflective pigment technology.

  • Specialized IR pigments factory ground and color-for-color optimized for best heat-reflectance and longevity.

  • Dirt Shedding + Mildew Resistant

  • Waterproof (when correctly applied on tile roofs)

  • Breathable (when correctly applied to vertical walls)

  • Cool roof enhancement for old tiles and cedar shingles

  • Engineered to withstand extreme temperature swings

  • Cross-linking Adhesion

  • Durability: Return On Investment saving entire repaint cycle. Proven on high exposure building walls to last over 12 years.

  • Sold Factory Direct


  • Minimum order White: 5 gals.

  • CUSTOM COLORS: 35 gallons Minimum order per color.



Highest quality, high-tensile strength, 3rd generation elastomeric field applied coating that sheds dirt.  Available as and premium, cool roof topcoat and as waterproofing wall coating . It exceeds industry standards in retaining solar-reflectance and cleanability over time, due to superior cross-linking chemistry.
For Exterior Walls and Low-Slope Roofs:

  • Highly Solar Reflective + Thermal Emissive utilizing IR solar-reflective pigment technology. 

  • Specialized IR pigments factory ground, matched and optimized for best heat-reflectance and longevity.

  • Waterproofing (when correctly applied to walls and roofs)

  • Dirt Shedding + Mildew Resistant

  • Crack Bridging ~Super Flexible with 100% Memory

  • Breathable (when correctly applied to walls and roofs)

  • Cool Roof Rated Product in White and Light Grey > Click here to find our ECO-THERM 2500  listings on Cool Roof Rating Council Directory (CRRC)

  • CA Title 24 compliant

  • Class A Fire-Rated

  • Engineered to withstand extreme temperature swings

  • Sold Factory Direct

  • Colors: Minimum order in White 10 gallons.

  • CUSTOM COLORS: 150 gallons Minimum order per color.


THE ULTIMATE COATINGS COMPANY is a closely held, private firm composed of industry experts in roof coating and paint technology with many decades of experience. Founded in 2005, the company developed its solar-reflective (Infrared heat-reflective, high-performance, acrylic THERMO-SEAL® house paints, followed by cool roof, ECO-THERM® TechnologyTM 

that exceeded industry standards by its strength and ability to remaining clean, therefore, staying cooler longer-term. These both met and exceeded early, new "Green product" regulations and met standards in multiple categories including LEED, CRRC, EPA, and SCAQMD. Today, we make these cool, architectural coatings in stock and custom IR colors, with primers for bonding to almost any exterior surface type. We still build our finishes on a per batch, factory direct basis  for our customers. Our service orientation is primary to our products. We make colors optimized for IR (albedo) reflectance for the specific needs of a large range of customer requirements from multi-family, HOA, military, apartments, commercial, hospitality, hospitals, schools, government, manufacturing facilities, and residential property owners. We are happy to meet the challenge of 21st Century climate change and our customers recognized need for Return-On-Investment that meets a triple-bottom-line. In this case, the win-win-win is for customer, environment, and our company.



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