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  • Saves electricity ~ up to 41% due to less use of Air-Conditioning. Wall and roof and wall surface temperatures lowered by 15 to 50 Fahrenheit. degrees means interiors stay cooler.

  • Lifespan of 10-12 years ~ Double that of regular paints. Can save an entire repaint cycle. Return-On-Investment that's a "No Brainer".

  • Wall materials and roof substrates last longer due to the superior cooling ensured by specialized, non-fading, inorganic IR pigments. Breathable and waterproof.

  • Lessened maintenance until next paint job is required. Cooler buildings in the hot sun require less effort and cost to maintain.

  • Reroofing cost is saved as well as tear-off and landfill disposal costs. Existing roofs often are fully renewable with our cool roof maintenance coatings.

  • Low Odor and VOC in the exterior coatings industry (almost zero).

  • Urban Heat Island Effect is reduced due to the effectiveness of these coatings highly solar reflective and thermal emissive values (color-for-color). Cooler buildings translate to cooler communities and less reheating of the atmosphere.

  • Carbon Footprint reduced by the reduced need for electricity from fossil fuel power-plants during the hot weather, high AC usage months and doubled lifecycle of repainting.

  • Smog Pollution reduced by near zero VOCs (regulated Volatile Organic Compounds) being released at time of application and manufacture. Lowered local air temperatures when our coatings are used helps reduce air pollutant catalyzation.

  • Net Energy and Pollution savings from manufacture and delivery life-cycle. The environment is impacted half as much or more due to longer time between repaint cycles and the need to make new batches for any project.

  • Net Zero Energy Use for Buildings is made more the norm for new construction and an achievable goal for existing buildings with both THERMO-SEAL® and ECO-THERM® solar-reflective wall and roof coatings.


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